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Welcome To ADAMs K9

DSC01064Adams K9 is well known for its Training Staff, Handlers, Sponsor’s and Partners.

Here at Adams K9 we offer a wide range of training services to fit the needs of your K9’s and you. We have trainers specializing in Scent Detection, Tracking / Trailing, Patrol, Personal Protection, Obedience, Service Dog Training, and Aggression Dog Training. We take our time and patience for each dog, as well as each individual’s needs for the highest outcome possible to make the perfect team and bond. We believe in quality over quantity and our product speaks for itself with each and every dog being put out on the street today!

Our Deployment K9 services are comprised of our K9 handlers, and K9 Teams.   Each are made up of groups of Private Contractors and Off Duty Officers, specializing in Narcotics Detection, Crowd / Riot Control, Patrol, Building Searches and Vessel Search. We also service both large and small venues as Crowd Deterrent Teams for both Police and High Risk Security Assistance.  We also offer Private Narcotics searches for concerned families and businesses in any setting (warehouses, office buildings, vehicles, vessels, and private homes.)

DSC01089Not Every dog has what it takes, so proper selection of your K9 is a must, whether it’s for Single Purpose, Dual Purpose or Personal Protection it is essential. Here at Adams K9 we select only the finest dogs, chosen to meet your every need. K9 selection is imperative.  While we will evaluate your dog to see if he/she is suited for your intended purpose, we cannot guarantee that a dog that has NOT been specifically selected by Adams K9, will excel in the programs offered.